Each Key Learning Area (KLA) provides some brief information about each of the units offered.

Each unit description provides the following information:

  • Unit Code
  • Unit Name
  • AusVELS level
  • Prerequisites or Notes
  • Unit’s core question
  • What students will learn
  • Any additional costs

Unit Code:

Each unit has a unique identification code, e.g., 10AD1

10 = Year Level 10.  The first letter shows the year level at which the unit is pitched and the standard that students should reach by the end of the unit.

A = Arts.  The second letter identifies the Key Learning Area.

D = Drama.  The third letter shows the stream or department within the KLA.

1 = Unit number 1.  The final digit are used to distinguish between units within the same KLA and Stream / Department.

Unit name:    

The name of the unit.  Much easier to remember than the Unit Code!

VicCurric level:            

The Victorian Curriculum Standard that the unit is aiming for the student to reach.  Some units will cater for a range of student abilities within the one unit.


Explains which studies a student must complete before starting this unit.

Unit’s Core Question:             

Gives the broad scope that the learning activities are based on.

What students will learn:   

Gives a summary of expected student learning.

Additional Costs:      

Identifies additional costs to be paid to the school in order to take this unit.  All units are allocated normal government funding but DEECD policy recognises that some areas require contributions from parents.  You can view this policy at http://www.education.vic.gov.au/school/parents/financial/Pages/parentpayments.aspx.  Additional costs do not include booklisted stationery or textbooks, which are also family responsibilities.