Each section below shows the units available to each Year level and also a downloadable copy of the applicable PLP Passport which is used by students to work through the counselling process.

You can click on the images below to see the full offering of units available to each year level.

Units Available for each Year Level

Year 8

Year 8 Grid

Yr 8 Core Passport

Yr 8 SEALP Passport


Year 9

Year 9 Grid

Yr 9 Core Passport

Yr 9 SEALP Passport


Year 10

Year 10 Grid


Yr 10 Passport

 Additonal VCE Unit Form


Year 11 VCE

Year 11 VCE Grid


Year 11 VET options

Year 11 VET Grid

Yr 11 VCE Passport

 Additonal VCE Unit Form

Year 12 VCE

Year 12 VCE Grid


Year 12 VET options

Year 12 VET Grid

Yr 12 VCE Passport

Year 11 VCAL

Year 11 VCAL Grid


Year 12 VCAL

Year 12 VCAL Grid

VCAL Passport